Precision Leak Detection & Repairs

Slab leaks occur as the piping or drain piping underneath your home’s concrete foundation are damaged. Cracks, corrosion or other various forms of damage allows water to leak from the piping and into the concrete slab. These leaks can cause serious damage, including foundation damage and structural and aesthetic problems to your home.

You can rely on Alco Air plumbers for expert leak detection and leak repair services.

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Common Signs You May Have A Slab Leak

Pay attention to these signs. The more you notice, the higher your chances of a slab leak.

  • Moisture and mildew under your carpets

  • Unusually high water utility bills

  • A warm area on the floor – It may be the result of a hot water line leaking

  • Strange cracks in flooring

  • Hearing water running even if no water is turned on

Alco Air Provides Effective Slab Leak Repair

  • Repiping – Having new piping installed at the point of the leak will solve the leakage and leave you with reliable piping.

  • Re-routing – This works well when a small section of pipe needs to be repaired. We expertly determine a new path for your water to run and install new piping, completely bypassing the problem area.

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Accurate, Professional Slab Leak Detection

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Why Rely On Alco Air For Your Plumbing?

Our mission is to be the team that works for your comfort as a friend would. Up is the only direction Alco Air knows. We are constantly committed to bettering our craft and customer service. We work to expand our company so that we are able to better serve your home comfort and bring you peace of mind.

At Alco Air, we want the best possible outcome for your comfort. Alco Air plumbers are well versed in using modern electromagnetic and electronic amplifier technology to find exactly where the leak is occuring. Once we find the specific leak, we will recommend the most effective solution to bring your piping back to a reliable state.

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