Do you suspect there’s a leaking water pipe lurking somewhere in your home?

You’re not alone. Leaking pipes are a common occurrence — even in newer houses. In fact, the average American family wastes 180 gallons of water each week, which is the same as 31 loads of laundry.

So then, how can you detect a water leak in your Longview, Texas home? More importantly, how can you fix a water leak when you find it? Keep reading for your go-to plumbing leak guide.

Know the Signs of Leaking Pipes

If there’s a puddle pooling beneath your kitchen sink, it’s obvious where your plumbing leak is coming from. Unfortunately, most leaks are more insidious than that.

Here are some common signs of a leaking water pipe that you should be aware of:

  • Discoloration on the wall or ceiling
  • Musty, moldy smell (even without visible growth)
  • A dripping sound even when the water isn’t running
  • Unusually low water pressure
  • Bubbling, cracking, or peeling paint
  • An inexplicable warm spot on the floor
  • Visible cracks in the foundation
  • Patches of much greener grass in the lawn

Do some detective work around your home and yard and make note of any areas of concern.

Monitor Your Water Bill & Water Meter

Next, take your inspection to your recent water bills. It should remain consistent throughout the year, perhaps going up slightly in the summertime if you water your lawn or garden.

If your recent bills are suddenly much higher — and you haven’t been using excess water — that’s a sure sign of a hidden water leak. Don’t delay calling a plumber to find the source of the leak, as it can quickly damage your home or affect your health

Another piece of detective work you can do is to monitor your water meter. Be sure all the water is off inside your home, including the dishwasher and washing machine. Record the numbers on the meter, then check it once an hour over the next several hours.

If the numbers change even though you’re not actively using water, a leaking water pipe is a likely culprit. 

Test Your Toilet for a Plumbing Leak

Your toilet can account for up to 30% of your home’s water usage, so it’s another obvious place to check for a plumbing leak.

Here’s a simple test you can conduct yourself. Grab a bottle of food coloring and add a few drops to your toilet tanks. Check back in 10 minutes (after ensuring no one has flushed in the interim).

If any of the food coloring shows up in the toilet bowl, that’s a sure sign of a leaky pipe.

Leaking Water Pipe Repair in Longview, TX

If you’ve noticed any signs of a hidden water leak in your home, don’t delay. A small leak can quickly turn into a big (and expensive) problem.

Alco Air is the name you can trust for all your plumbing, heating, and cooling needs. We’re locally based in Longview, TX and we’re ready to help you find and fix that leaking water pipe inside your home.

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