With all the challenges we are facing today, it never hurts to be prepared. Being prepared is not just for the boy scouts anymore. Every homeowner should be equipped to deal with emergencies.

What would you do if you had a plumbing emergency? If you don’t know the answer, then keep reading!

Stay Calm

Panicking during a plumbing emergency will not help anyone. Stay calm and find the closest source of water and turn the valve clockwise for off.

This could be to your toilet, water heater, under your kitchen sink, attached to the back of the tub, etc. If water is still accumulating then you will need to turn off the main valve to your home located near your water meter.

Now is a great time to figure out where this is located and practice turning it off. If you cannot shut it off with a wrench, you will need to purchase a ‘key’ to turn it off.

Call a Professional

Especially if you had to shut the main valve off to your house. Before there’s a chance for any more damage, talk to someone who is educated. Keep a list of phone numbers easily available for all emergency situations.

It should only take 2-3 hours for a plumber to respond, evaluate, and give you an estimate. Your regular plumber might not be open 24 hours, but there are those that are. Be sure to include a 24-hour emergency plumber in your list of emergency contacts as well.

Useful Supplies

Here are some of the many useful tools and accessories that you would find very useful in a plumbing emergency:

  • rags
  • buckets
  • plumber’s tape
  • water main key
  • Allen keys
  • adjustable pipe wrench
  • plumber’s snake
  • flange plunger
  • shop vac

Having these essential plumbing tools organized and at the ready will help to lessen your panic during a plumbing emergency.

Be Aware

Know your house and know your DIY limits. Find all the valves in your house, find your water main, get to know some plumbing tools, and learn some plumbing basics if you’re an eager homeowner!

There are plenty of tutorials and blogs online that will highlight primary skills along with their remedies. It never hurts to learn more!

If you really don’t know, don’t try to fix it. The potential for further consequences to arise from ambitious ignorance can really add up.

Dealing With A Plumbing Emergency

No one wants to think about how little we understand about the structure and function of our own homes. You do not have to go to school to figure out the basics and be willing to be prepared.

When a plumbing emergency attacks, it will not be convenient. Your best defense is gaining a little bit of plumbing knowledge and supplies while having an awesome plumber on speed dial.

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